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Access modded rpf online?

  • I'm pretty new to this with mods and so on. I see that there are mods for the online mode for example. How do I access them in the game because GTA does not allow me to play with modded rpf files? Even if I were to download some online mod and replace them in the respective folder, I would have to uninstall ASI Loader and OpenIV.Asi to get online?


    Sorry, we don't support GTA:O related activities here.

    To get online again, verify your game files. A tip for separating GTA:O and a modded install: Use the mods folder (guide), so your installation doesn't get touched when installing mods. Disable the asi loader, dinput8.dll, when you want to play online. Just rename the file to something else, like dinput8.dll.x.

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