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add-on car crash on loading screen

  • Game crashes on loading screen when I mess with the dlclist trying to add a car.

    Yes I verified game files.
    Yes I used a game config.
    Yes I used heap adjuster.
    Yes I used pack file limit adjuster.
    Yes I updated script hook.

    I did almost every fix I saw on the fourms and still got no where, the only real solution is to removed the edited context in the dlclist. Is there an actual fix for this at the moment or will be in the near future?

  • I would also like a solution to this problem

  •   This can be caused by using wrong gameconfig or the vehicle mod have some problems. 
       I have 200 cars installed and I am using 3X traffic  3X PEDs.  But if I use the other config like 2X traffic 2X peds then my game can crash after loading.  see if you have the right gameconfig.

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