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AMD RX 5700 XT + Natural Vision Evolved MSAA issues

  • Hi sirs.

    I've recently installed medium settings for NVE, but looks like the image is burned, it's all black and red. Graph card is AMD RX 5700 XT.

    The issue disappears when I turn in-game msaa off and the game works pretty steady at around 60fps. Is there a way to make it work?

    I'm not home right now, but:

    • would it solve it if I disable msaa in-game, but turn it on through the gpu AMD Adrenalin software directly?

    • What if instead of msaa, I turn on frame scaling?

    • Still haven't tweaked around NVE much, but does it have a built-in option for msaa?

    My pc is somewhat limited regarding cpu (i5 7600K) and 60hz monitor, and I guess I'll have to make a balance somewhere. I have 16gb RAM.

    I'm just doing some research and trying to make a plan when I get home from work. Thanks for the help.


    You should ask these specifics in the NVE Discord.

    Providing a screenshot also helps too illustrate the issue.

    Best guess is that some shader just doesn't like MSAA.

  • Thanks for answering, I'm heading to NVE discord, let's see if they can shed some light. Btw, never used Discord before, so thanks for the invite.

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