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Quickly Enable/Disable Addon without OIV, without dlclist.xml changes

  • One of my favourite, and only mods other than cars and Menyoo, is the Nürburgring race track. Last night however, I noticed an unexpected "feature" of that addon, which is that it can be clearly seen up in the sky over the Pacific.

    First reaction was to temporarily remove it using OIV. But then I thought, no need. Just rename it from Windows Explorer. You can even create a batch/command file to do this.

    So if you need to temporarily disable an addon, no need for OIV and no need to mess around with dlclist.xml entries. Just rename your addon (I just put a dot in front).

  • I'm starting to use batch files regularly to disable addons during scripting. As I learn to script, the constant refreshing of SH will eventually cause my system to crash. The fact that I'm running GTA V with all graphics maxed out doesn't help (even with config and heap) even though my system exceeds requirements set in 2013.

    Using batch files allows me to quickly enable and disable dlls, mods, etc without having to use OIV and without having to uninstall. Not sure if this is the ideal way, but it sure is working for me as my collection of addon peds, cars, and bigass maps increases.

    For example, to disable the Nurburgring race track when I'm on the Pacific Coast in that section of the map, I'm using this toggle batch file to enable/disable back and forth:

    REM ADDON_PATH = Path to your Mods folder with your addons
    REM ADDON_NAME = Addon Folder Name to disable temporarily
    REM DISABLE_NAME = Folder name change to temporary disable addon

    set ADDON_PATH="P:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\"
    set ADDON_NAME="nordschleife"
    set DISABLE_NAME=".nordschleife"
    cd /d %ADDON_PATH%
    Ren %ADDON_NAME% %DISABLE_NAME% 2> nul || ren %DISABLE_NAME% %ADDON_NAME% 2> nul

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