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Rebuilding a downloaded mod resulted in a different size dlc.rpf file, any idea why?

  • I've had a vehicle mod for a long time that has always bugged me because the dlc.rpf file was over 320MB... which seemed a tad excessive. So today I decided to strip out all the data into folders and rebuild it from scratch. The result was a 38.8MB dlc.rpf, compared to the original 324MB.

    Has anyone experienced this before and has any idea why it happens, or why there was such a massive difference in file size?

  • @LeeC2202 Are you talking about something like this?

    alt text

    The vehicles.rpf is 92 MB,
    But the files inside are only 38.67 MB.

    alt text

    I've tried to reduce the file size as well, but my game crashes when I do that.

  • @Akila_Reigns Yeah, exactly that... the rpf file was 324MB and had about 40MB of files in it.

    I just created the folder structure on my desktop, pulled all the files out into that, then started with a blank folder in OpenIV and built everything back from scratch into that. It's a bit of messing about but I'll take it to get almost 300MB back. :)

  • @LeeC2202 And it worked? No crashes?

  • @Akila_Reigns Yeah, works fine. Do a few files, exit OpenIV, then do the rest. I have seen OpenIV fall over itself if you try and do too much with new files all at once.

  • @LeeC2202 For me it always crashes my game when loading, so far I've succeeded only once. I have no idea about the unnecessary space though. Probably Game68240 may have an answer.

  • @Akila_Reigns One thing that I did wonder, is if the modder originally created the rpf with bigger yft/ytd files, then gradually replaced them as they refined the model, would it keep the original sized rpf if it was never rebuilt? That's a possibility I suppose.

    I do have another I am going to do, so I will post back here with the results... I might have just got lucky. :)

  • @Frazzlee Yeah, it's weird... I don't know why the dlc.rpf file was over 320MB though, very strange.

    I've just done another, took it from 111MB down to 17MB and completely restructured the rpf file. It started as it shows on the left and It is now as it is on the right, which is more compatible with other addons, which is essential for when I start to combine them.


  • Use rebuild function when you add a lot of files to RPF.

  • @_CP_ I've never had to use that function and as far as I know, it's been removed from the latest version of OpenIV... it's called defragment now I believe, or something called that has been added.

    But these are mods that have been released on this site, not mods made by me. The ones that I am rebuilding are fine, a fraction of the size and they work... no rebuilding involved. I just don't know why the originals are so bloated. :confused:

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