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Menyoo Object Spooner invisible map bug

  • I need some help with mi game, when i spawn too many entities on the map (almost 120), save the file, close and then open the game again and load the file with all the entities, the map doesn´t load normally. The textures are very low quality or not appear. Some parts of the map are invisible. The weird part is that if i set the texture quality to NORMAL, everything works fine, no map or texture bugs (the bug is only present on high or very high texture quality). Aditional information: I have some mods like: NVE, LAROADS, some cloth and weapon skins) I tested it in a clean game only with menyoo and the bugs are still there so i dont think that its a mod incompatibility.
    My pc specs: gtx 1650 super, ryzen 3 3200g, 16gb ram, i have the game installed in my SSD.
    Bug pic:(https://drive.google.com/file/d/16qPN1FPXPlzFTMoHfAcZJuP_VbB53vmz/view?usp=sharing)

  • @cardillopaz said in Menyoo Object Spooner invisible map bug:

    i also have that, its sooooo annoying... and my pc isnt even bad idk why this happens :(

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