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Arrest a ped

  • Hallo guyz i created a script that spawns a random Ped and i want when i aim at him to raise hands. I used "IS_PLAYER_FREE_AIMING_AT_ENTITY" to detect if player is aiming at the Ped and then i tried 2 other things. First i used native "Function.Call(Hash.TASK_HANDS_UP, this.gangsta, 1000, -1, -1, true);" to force gangstaPed to Raise hands it didnt work ped started shooting at me :P. Then i tried using gangsta.Task.ClearAll(); and gangsta.Task.HandsUp(int duration);
    but once more nothing. I am trying to create a simple mod that u are a police man and can arrest randomly spawning enemies. Thanks in advance

  • Try something like this

    gangsta.BlockPermanentEvents = true;

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