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Removing ambient sounds for zombie stuff.

  • Hello.

    Im doing a litle of zombie series on my game, and those noises like ghostcars, sirens, drills and ewhatever noise there is without source bothers me. It does not make good sounbding videos to have sound of life in a world of the dead.

    I can somewhat eliminate those noises by sneaking, since the game then changes to ambiencew with only wind and noises that fit in an empty silent world.. But i cant do that all the time.. Sometimes i need to run away from a horde or driving in a vehicle.

    I have tried and tried for googling this and apparently silencing those sounds is possible. There was a mod i once use, that removes lawnmovers which i still use and the other for ghostcars, but that is no longer available.

    Cant find a mod to do this. Some say, that PC Trainer has option to turn off noises and it does, but it has no effect onm the ambience. I think it is for player sounds to make thee character harder to notice by other NPC's.

    Some also say, that there is a simple script that does tthis, but i dont know the script and i also cant do scripy mods, i dont know how.

    Franjky, im bit puzzled why this is not included in Simple zombies ,od by default. Turning infection mode on should also rn that script that silences ambience and it sound easy in principle, but is it really possible because theres no mod to do this, or not as far as i have seen.

    Please help!

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