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Animation Scripts

  • Does anyone know of any scripts that allows for more animation use ???

    **For example:

    -Intimidation = Can make peds get on knees w/ hands up when targeted with gun.

    -Injury = Peds grab certain parts of body when shot while still running.

    -Crawl = I know there is a mod for this, but its very glitchy. [Peds stand back up before crawling]

    --Fighting = A better fight style for Peds & Player.

    -Limping = Peds who were shot in leg or hit by a car will limp away.

    -Ped interaction = A better way to interact with peds [i.e. handshake, hug, fist bump]

    -Animal Interaction = Animals are allowed to be petted and dogs walked with owners on a leash.

    I know there are a lot of mods that use some of these logics, but most are glitchy or incompatible with other mods.
    Seems like scripts also never get updated. I would be more than happy to accomplish this myself if someone is willing to teach me how to make scripts.

    Comment on the forum to discuss, also share what type of animation scripts that you would like to see created in the future.

  • @LS_Gamer93 said in Animation Scripts:

    if someone is willing to teach me how to make scripts

    Nobody is going to be a teacher for you.

    Get a C# book, or watch some C# tutorials. Watch/read some GTA5 ScriptHookV .NET tutorials. Read code from open-source GTA5 mods to get an idea of how they work.

    Post any scripting questions you have on this forum or on the 5Mods Discord server under #scripting, but don't spam questions asking how to do each individual thing. Basic programming questions are also generally disliked, so make sure to Google it or skim through a C# book. There are plenty of free C# books: https://ebookfoundation.github.io/free-programming-books/books/free-programming-books.html#c-sharp

  • Cool. Thanks for the help.

  • @LS_Gamer93 you cant create any custom animations for gtav, you have to live with build in animations. I would recommend watching lots of C# videos. Not ONLY gtav scripting tutorials.

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