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Vagos female gang member (g_f_y_vagos_01) ped use mostly random voices..

  • Is it normal that Vagos female gang member talk like man? g_f_y_vagos_01 ped use random voices mostly.. and its pretty disturbing :D Firstly i though its normal, because trans people.. but its not definetly normal :) Any suggestions pls? Pedvoicegroup is vanilla, so i dont understand why that happens :((

    EDIT: For understanding, this is vanilla ped voice group for g_f_y_vagos_01 in peds.ymt..


    ...which looks normal.. same like for instance working..(g_m_m_chigoon_01)


    ...or can be voice changed somewhere else? Maybe metadata for ped or some hash_collision (i saw it in peds.ymt) pedvoicegroup.

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