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Vagos female gang member (g_f_y_vagos_01) ped use mostly random voices..

  • Is it normal that Vagos female gang member talk like man? g_f_y_vagos_01 ped use random voices mostly.. and its pretty disturbing :D Firstly i though its normal, because trans people.. but its not definetly normal :) Any suggestions pls? Pedvoicegroup is vanilla, so i dont understand why that happens :((

    EDIT: For understanding, this is vanilla ped voice group for g_f_y_vagos_01 in peds.ymt..


    ...which looks normal.. same like for instance working..(g_m_m_chigoon_01)


    ...or can be voice changed somewhere else? Maybe metadata for ped or some hash_collision (i saw it in peds.ymt) pedvoicegroup.

  • After long time this mystery is FINALLY solved. Its caused by WORLD OF VARIETY's version of g_f_y_vagos_01 ped and probably vanilla ped with same name also, because i tried swap vanilla g_f_y_vagos_01 (original and patchday3) for WOW g_f_y_vagos_01 and it still happened, so if your ped ever be bugged / glitched that she/him speaks for 25% like man (or reverse) check specific ped files!!

  • So i tried replace different female gang peds (g_f_y_ballas_01) for g_f_y_vagos_01 and voice glitch was still there, but when i used a_f_y_eastsa_03 everything worked fine, so its not only WOV ped version bug, but basically "vanilla" bug, but in vanilla game i guess there is no ambient vagos females around on street etc. or something, so bug never occured there.

    Is here someone who understands .ymt file (meta) files? I guess culprit is there.. for now i can use different ped structure and replace all meshes etc. and it should work, but with fixed meta file it would be much easier :(

  • Dude, sorry to say that's a regular random thing that happens with the gang AI peds female or male. Sometimes a Vagos female will sound like a 'black chick' or the 'middle-aged black female janitor' or a 'young beverly hills white girl', a 'dude' white, black or whatever. They all do it sometimes. You are right though, it is 'disturbing at times.'

  • @iammistahwolf I never noticed any other ped that has this voice glitch, but its vanilla bug and probably cannot occur in normal gameplay? Anyway a_f_y ped that i used as replacer worked flawlessly, so i will just convert some big a_f_y ped to this g_f_y and as bonus i will get more texture, model variations (some duplicates), but with unique textures (reskins). I only wish that convert process wouldnt take so much time, but at this point i would say im skilled.. it took only some hours.. i just need replace ped props and im done :)

  • It may look like im talking to myself at this point, but maybe somebody will use this findings, info etc. in future :D

    Well, so i used a_f_y_beach_02 (from mpheist4 dlc) as my replacer for g_f_y_vagos_01.. to fix this weird voice glitches, but nah.. its still there (but vagos voice is there) as i can tell, that this was first time i heard Vagos female talk through phones (interesting talk with some Azteca guy).. yeah, default (and patchday3) vagos female is bugged that she never talk through phones etc.. Anyway im starting to think that racial prefix _lat, _whi, _bla in ped file has something to do with assigned voices also.. its definetly in .ymt, but my experience with this are not great.. so, *uck it.. i will use a_f_y_eastsa3 ped as base for replacer.. this ped i know that works with vagos voice only.. only con is that ped has less cloth components, but with DLC ambientmodelsets addon i can add more same peds with different textures and they will work.. good luck to me :D

  • Yep, so a_f_y_eastsa_03 conversion to g_f_y_vagos_01 works flawlessly.. there is female vagos voice only and ped talk through phones etc.

    alt text

    Here (EDITED: New version uploaded below as mod) is proof of functionality, also with some of my retextures, if someone wanna test it. This ped has little less components than WOV version, but same as vanilla (except additional head) - (1(-) head model - 3 textures, 3 hair models - 9 textures, 3 same model shirts - 8 textures, 3 same model pants - 8 textures, 2 accessories - 3 textures and 2 same shades models - 5(+) textures), but there is actually no jbib component (half mesh that connects to other part - like puzzle) drawable compared to original, so i just specialized this ped to shirts (one upper mesh)..next variant will be only plaid shirt... anyway it can be edited in .ymt by someone who understand that. I still need to learn how to do this, also if you use this fixed ped for some mod or something, just give me little credit.. it took hours to convert (a_f_y) ped to this different (g_f_y) ped with "same" components.

    Installation if you have WOV mod:

    Just copy g_f_y_vagos_01.ydd, g_f_y_vagos_01.yft, g_f_y_vagos_01.ymt, g_f_y_vagos_01.ytd to ...\GTAV\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\wov\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\wov_componentpeds.rpf

    ..and g_f_y_vagos_01_p.ydd, g_f_y_vagos_01_p.ytd to

    Installation if you have vanilla game:

    Just copy g_f_y_vagos_01.ydd, g_f_y_vagos_01.yft, g_f_y_vagos_01.ymt, g_f_y_vagos_01.ytd to ...\GTAV\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\patchday3ng.rpf

    ..and g_f_y_vagos_01_p.ydd, g_f_y_vagos_01_p.ytd to

    I will make more ped variants, if someone is interested... i'll definetly do more fixed peds based on this for myself anyway, but i will normally add this mod to mods category later...

  • OK, so i uploaded new version with additional ped variation here https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/gangz-vagos-girls-fixed-vanilla-voice-bug

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