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  • Hi, I'm running the latest GTA V version on Steam and I updated OpenIV, ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet.

    For some reason my game crash when I click to play story mode.
    Strangely, I dont see the reason in my crash log, it only say something about error 0xc0000005 and (STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)

    I have rockstar launcher.exe, GTAV.exe and Steam.exe in admin mode since it apparently resolve the issue, but not in my case.
    Without admin mode my game
    crash anyway.
    Before you ask: Yes, I have a legit copy of the game.

    Any ideas or suggestions?
    I will let the crash log here, maybe you have a better idea of what is going on.

    [2021-04-04 16:26:51.898] [DISPLAY] [10824] [gamelaunch] Launching game...
    [2021-04-04 16:26:51.898] [DISPLAY] [10824] [gamelaunch] Path: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe
    [2021-04-04 16:26:51.898] [DISPLAY] [10824] [gamelaunch] Command Line: "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\GTA5.exe" -ignoreDifferentVideoCard -skipPatcherCheck @commandline.txt -useSteam -steamAppId=271590
    [2021-04-04 16:26:51.898] [DISPLAY] [10824] [gamelaunch] Working Directory: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V
    [2021-04-04 16:28:16.011] [DISPLAY] [10824] [gamelaunch] Game exited with code 0xc0000005 (3221225477)
    [2021-04-04 16:28:16.011] [DISPLAY] [10824] [crashdetection] Game left no exit file.
    [2021-04-04 16:28:16.011] [ ERROR ] [10824] [crashdetection] Exit code 0xc0000005 indicates a fatal game exit (reason: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION)
    [2021-04-04 16:28:16.050] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Cloud Save sync requested for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:16.067] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Starting cloud save enabled check for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:16.068] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Received cloud saves enabled state for title 'gta5' = enabled
    [2021-04-04 16:28:16.068] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Identifying potential cloud save conflicts for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.002] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Received modification list of cloud save files for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.002] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Retrieving conflict metadata for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.019] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Downloaded conflict metadata for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.019] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Posting updated files for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.036] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] File uploading completed for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.036] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Getting update files for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.053] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] File downloading completed for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.053] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Deleting updated files for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.070] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Files deletion completed for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.070] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Swapping updated files in place for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:17.087] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [cloudsaveop] Finished syncing cloud saves for title 'gta5'
    [2021-04-04 16:28:18.142] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] StartShutdown - Now in progress
    [2021-04-04 16:28:19.419] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [app] Application quit requested (exit code: 0)
    [2021-04-04 16:28:19.602] [DISPLAY] [Main ] [launcher] Closing log file.

  • What mods do you have installed? It could be a mod that is crashing your game.

  • @Algonquin1234
    I had turg and gangs, I deleted it but the problem persist.
    I think is something to do with scripthook

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