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is this possible with FiveM?

  • So i got to reading stuff about playing how i want, and apparently FiveM should be able to do almost anything. I was able to to make it to a point, where i had my own server and was able to "Play" there, but theres nothing to do really..

    Wht i would like to do, is to play without other players interfering with my RP, much like i play my Skyrim all the time. I would love to be able to create my own character like i can with normal GTA Online and play content avaiulable on GTA Online, but that game also lacks some basic stuff like mods when you play online.

    So what i would love to do, is to play GTA Online, only "Offline" without others and with same mods i use for story modIs this possible and how if possible?

  • @Radagast-75 You wrote that you had your own server, isn't that the solution. You decide to play alone or with others? no?

  • @JohnFromGWN Is this something that you could do? a local server?

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