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Reported Insult

  • I reported an insult posted towards me and I'm wondering if it will be removed or not. To give you the context. I saw a mod that had the following instructions.

    7) Once you've extracted the "update" folder to your "mods" folder you want to use OpenIV and navigate to GTA V > mods > update > x64 > dlcpacks and delete everything in there.

    If anyone follows those instructions, for example a new user with poor computer skills and little knowledge of modding, they will effectively delete all the contents of their mod folder - all addons. Have no idea why he put that there.

    I let the author know and he corrected the mistake but it still persists in his readme.txt file which i just downloaded to verify.

    But my real issue is not with the author, it is with another member who insulted me in the comments. I reported this and would like to know if this is acceptable or not. If not, I'm asking that the comment please be removed. Thank you.


  • I think he was being a bit of a prick. And I think he's backing up his friend. His last 3 comments are all on the same author's mods, which he rates 5 stars because "he my boy," not because he thinks they're good.

  • Yep. Hide behind the anonymity, right? I won't stoop to his level. This normally doesn't bother me, but the author basically says, very explicitly, to delete all of your dlcpacks. We both know that there are noobs who will do exactly that and then post that their addons no longer work. And they both continue to argue that I'm the idiot?

    Thanks for your support. BTW, the author removed that from the description of the mod page - so he realized the absurdity of what he wrote - but those instructions are still there in the download for some poor misguided novice to follow. And just for the record, not to beat a dead horse, but the word OPTIONAL, was not there in the read me file for step 7.

    Irony is that once you've installed a mod, there really isn't any reason to follow the instructions for the next one. You do it mechanically. Except the noobs.

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