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game does not find addon

  • @JohnFromGWN i was informed that a mod with bad LOD's or bad textures can create texture loss. it has nothing to do with this mod after I took everything out and placed some dlc packs back in. even then this still wont load in.
    The folks that have downloaded this I believe have installed it for FiveM.

  • @V3ry_H1GH I'm not going to install this mod, was just curious as to why it wouldn't install properly. It's kinda sad that mods are uploaded without even being tested by their creators to see if they install. There is a similar problem with a Porsche 935 mod. Instructions suck and modder calls it a "porshe", so you try every combination to spawn it but none worked for me.

    P.S. Very interesting that this thread has over 2K views - just goes to show that either people don't follow instructions or don't understand them. There is probably a need for some new (2021) how to videos that a 6 year old could understand.

  • What "version" launcher are you playing GTA from? I'm on the Epic Games Launcher. I've read comments where some people are claiming some add-ons wont work unless its via the rockstar launcher but you cant play gta on any launcher without the RSGL. :shrug:
    But as same as OP, I've had vehicle add-ons in the past and present simply not load when installed where others have an sometimes the latter is operator error.
    its melting my brain why this isn't working but after installing several other MLO's to test my game has an issue launching and I've got to now verify my files.

  • @V3ry_H1GH I don't have the answer, I'm on Steam, and I've only had 2 experiences where the addon wouldn't spawn (no error message). In both cases, there were comments that other users could not load them either - as is the case with you and me and the Lost MC mod.

    As for the OP, that's a very different story. Unless he changes his folder structure he will not be able to load any addon.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I got ahold of the developer of my MC Biker Bar MLO and it was something on their end that they had to fix of course it worked out! Hope people can gain something from this thread. read directions and ask the devs of your favorite mods for help!

  • @V3ry_H1GH Good!

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