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Changing addon peds voices?

  • Hey everyone, new to the forum and to modding - for days I've been looking into a clean, permanent way to change the voices of add-on peds voices in-game. As you know, when you add a ped to the game their voice is just a generic male or female voice - for the sake of argument, let's say you added a ped of a soldier and wanted to give them the same voice and combat dialogue as one of the default marines in game. How would one go about this? I know you can do it through Menyoo, but that's not really what I have in mind - I'm thinking more along the lines of copying the .awc voice files for the desired character and renaming it or something so the added ped will use those lines. But I have no clue where I'd even begin with that. If anyone could shed some light on this I'd appreciate it.

  • @CoronaPrime hi, its easily changeable in peds.ymt.. So just check name of your ped.. for instance s_m_y_marine_01 and find that ped specific part in peds.ymt, its under PedVoiceGroup.. naturally now look for different PedVoiceGroup from ped that you want voice and replace it... copy and replace whole line and you will be fine.

    BTW: Im fighting with game voices recently myself. Cant find why Vagos gang girls sometimes talk like man. Its only ped that do this.. may be some mod or is it game bug :((

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