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Addonpeds Editor not working

  • First, I should say that I realize that Addonpeds is a very outdated/abandoned mod, but if I can get it to work, it'd be a whole lot simpler than the alternatives (such as creating a whole new mod just to add in a character model).

    After having installed everything properly, I am able to open up the Ped Selector menu in-game, and am able to switch to either vito_mafia or Superman (which come with Addonpeds) without a hitch. I am also able to change to other models, as long as those models replace one of the two models I just mentioned (this is very limiting, though).

    The issue arises when I try to add new peds using the AddonPeds editor. When I add a ped and click rebuild, the editor says "Rebuild Complete! x addon-peds saved!", but when I re-start the game and go to the ped selector, none of the new peds actually show up. Oddly enough, though, the menu does show a ped I successfully added a while back on an older version of GTA I had installed on another drive (I switched drives recently, since I was running out of space on the original).

    EDIT: I am currently taking a look at the PedSelector.dll source code meth0d posted here.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

    UPDATE: Looking at the pedselector.dll source code yielded some information. There is a file called ap_m.xml located at "Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Mods". It seems this file is used by the editor to relay information to PedSelector.dll when the dll is loaded (as indicated in line 18 of Class1.cs). By changing the name of one of the peds in this file, I was actually able to observe a change in the Ped Selector menu in-game! For some reason, the editor isn't updating this file at all when rebuilding the peds. The next step is to actually add a new ped and see if the menu updates properly, and if it loads the model properly.

    UPDATE: I've added the new entries in ap_m.xml, but it seems as if addonpeds is no longer able to find the models in peds.rpf. I'm gonna have to take a look at that...

    UPDATE: By the grace of the modding gods, I found an extra > I accidentally copied when adding in the new ped. The Ped Selector works fully now, but there is still the issue that the Addonpeds editor doesn't work (being able to edit the xml directly is a workaround, but not a great one. If you take a look at it, you'll see what I mean XD ). Since I can't find the source code for the editor, I won't be able to do anything to meth0d's version of the editor. I don't have any experience with creating executables (much less executables with UIs), but I'll try and start looking into it to see what I can come up with.

    UPDATE: I was looking through my computer, and I found another copy of ap_m.xml in "Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\User Mods", but in my admin account instead of my normal account (As an extra anti-virus precaution, I recently set up my computer with both a normal account that I use everyday and an admin account just to approve things). After testing out the Addonpeds Editor, I determined that the editor was actually editing the admin version of ap_m.xml instead of the non-admin version (this makes sense since, in order to run the editor, I need to approve it with my admin account). This means I can just copy between the two locations as needed. Much better than manually editing the xml...

  • Solution / TL;DR: A recent change where I added a separate admin account caused the Addonpeds Editor to write to the ap_m.xml ped storage file in my admin account's directory instead of my normal account's directory, causing pedselector.dll to read the wrong ap_m.xml. Although this means I will have to copy files between the two locations, I don't have to manually edit the files (thank god :grinning:).

  • You're a lifesaver. i'm running addonpeds on my own PC just fine. Installed it for my kids on theirs, and the menu would not list any peds. Was banging my head over it. I wasn't sure what AddonPeds Editor actually modifies. moved the ap_m.xml file from the admin account to my kids account, and its working now. Major oversight by the dev.

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