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Gta 5 stutters

  • I have gta 5 which gives me about 30fps but it have so much of stutters please tell me how to fix it...


    Run GTAV as an Administrator
    Update your graphics driver
    Limit your FPS
    Disable Fullscreen Optimization
    Set graphics settings to Normal
    Turn Off VSync

  • @Biggdogg
    I did everything but my game still giving me stutters and I don't know how to disable fullscreen optimization everyone saying go to Settings\System\Display\Advanced graphics settings
    But in my settings there is only one option that is Advanced display settings which doesn't have any fullscreen optimization is there any other way to disable fullscreen optimization

  • @Lol-Bro224 There's lots of information missing before you can find a solution. For example does your graphics card, and your system overall, meet requirements or exceed them for GTA V. Also, are you able to get more than 30 FPS with other games, without stutter (which can occur at high FPS too)? Desktop or laptop?

    Are you using an AMD or Nvidia card and a new or old generation Monitor. New cards and new monitors handle VSync (different flavours) differently. As was suggested above, is your graphics driver updated? This is an old game so unless you are at minimum specs you should be able to run fine.

    For fullscreen optimization: Find your GTA5.exe, right click, properties, you will see a tab called Compatibility. That's where you should find the checkbox to disable it - likely unchecked.

    Remember "Google is your friend", even though Google is evil. What I mean is do a google search. I found this, it might help.

  • We do need more than just "it stutters." What specs do you have? What in game settings is it? Any mods? Do you have vsync on half rather than unlocked?

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