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F3 pop-up message

  • hi when i press f3 and most keypad numbers to open my trainer (Simple Trainer for GTA V) i also tried using another which was rampage trainer i get the following message.....

    unhandled exception in script "barrier"!

    nullreferenceException at GTA.Ped.isinvehicle(vehicle vehicle)

  • Seems like you have two scripts/mods which are both using the F3 binding. One in your trainer, and another in a script (barrier).
    Look for ini files, either Simple trainer or the mod/script and try to use another key.

  • @Xmodz
    What is the Barrier mod? That mod is trying to do something and causing the crash but you can remove it and everything should work.
    I'm assuming it's trying to get a ped or vehicle that doesn't exist.

  • i took out the latest scrips I'd installed and after removing and testing and putting it back in and repeating with another i found it was AutomatedTurnLights.dll no more messages

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