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Is there a way to bypass LOD issues?

  • I know a couple people like me have had issues, I don't know what necessarily causes it, maybe it's just if there's a lot of stuff rendered on-screen, where things like cars end up using lower LODs, including the one you're driving, so your car looks all fucked up since it's lower-poly.

    Is there any kind of solution to this issue? I get it from using a map mod but I want to be able to use it without this problem.

  • @mrwallace888
    There's no guaranteed all encompassing fix for this (unless something is actually broken), but here's a few things that could help alleviate it:

    • Try running GTA5.exe as High Priority Process:
      Alt-tab out of game, Task Manager > GTA5.exe > 'Set priority' > set to 'High'. Go back to game & see if any difference.
      If that helps somewhat, this 'GTAV EXE High Priority.reg' file will set gta5.exe to High Priority permanently. Confirm it's working by loading the game, Alt-tabbing out & checking Task Manager again > GTA5.exe > 'Set priority' > make sure now always set to 'High' ).
    • Upgrade CPU
    • Upgrade HDD to SSD
    • Research info on custom editing your 'gameconfig.xml' to match your exact game. This might help in alleviating some of the texture streaming burden.
    • Reduce texture load, by either manually removing some props &/or creating LODS etc/getting mod author to create them. Removing/downscaling textures (especially 4K ones, like liveries & such) may help also.
    • Reduce the LOD value/s in ''settings.xml' &/or create timecycle modifiers to do it if only affected by issue in certain areas.

    Adding a heap of props is often just too much for the game's engine to handle all at once, especially if they are all in the same place &/or have no LODS. There is only so much you can do, even say... an i9 9900KS at 5.3Ghz & RTX 3090 SLI, will crumble if there's too much onscreen. It'll give you slightly more leeway than a lesser machine (especially the CPU), but sooner or later, it will hit it's limit too.
    It all depends on where you are on that scale, if you're asking way too much of the game & your machine (& a lot of released map mods do), you'll have to make some compromises.

    Saying that, if something is actually broken, that's a different matter. What I'd probably do in your situation, is backup the map mod, & then start removing props from the '.ymap' (in bulk or singularly/by type/by exact prop etc, whatever makes the most sense) to see if it's a resource issue or if one/some of them are overtly broken & causing it to happen.
    Via a process of elimination, you'll be able to figure out exactly what is causing it, & then & only then will you be able to figure out what your solution might be or what compromises you may have to make (it's GTA modding, unfortunately compromises are part of the deal).

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