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Steering wheel "wiggle"

  • Hi modding community i recently got into simracing and gave gta a shot with the manual transmission mod.

    Got a Logitech G920 my problem is whenever i go straight the wheel turns left (just a little bit) centres again because of force feedback and then the same to the right. (Not happening in other games)

    Everything pretty quick I don't know what to do anymore a solution would be turning force feedback off but for me that's not an option hope someone can help

  • Still need help anyone?


  • Please someone?

    I have installed the following mods: Turbo Fix, Dial Accuracy Fix, Realistic Driving V and True Realistic Driving (as the author says) I also removed any other scripts and mods folder stuff that could have an impact on the mod still happens cant test other wheels but happens for me on a G920 no other games do that one thing to note is it only happens when accelerating and rolling

    Quote from a member who has the same problem: "The wheel is constantly trying to re-center itself, overshoots and then overshoots again trying to compensate for the previous correction"


  • The only thing I could find related to this issue is in the known bugs and problems section in Manual Transmission.


  • @oggpeg Yea have looked there a while to but didn't get a proper fix that's why I'm trying to find somebody in the forum with maybe the same problem and a way to fix it as far as I can tell now is @ikt just saying it's because of the handling stuff but I have it ALL INSTALLED and setup so it can't be that last time it seemed he doesn't wanna know? Idk



    The handling mods only apply to specific sets of vehicles, make sure the vehicle you're using is included in them. Specifically Realistic Driving V covers most vehicles except for newer DLCs (look at the last update date to figure out which that is).

    Also, fiddle around with the force feedback settings. The default settings are what I use for my G27, with the handling mods I linked.

    There is no all-encompassing handling "fix" for steering wheels.

  • @ikt Ty for your help! I know im modding this game for so many years what i did was take a non dlc car to make sure it has modded handling (happens on addon cars to) and whenever i decrease the SATMax (currently at 9000) there is no ffb but the problem is gone i would like to keep the wheel turn back so turning it off is not ideal

    Do you use something else to lower ffb? like an software or something?
    I have the Logitech G-Hub installed

    maybe you can spot something causing it
    my current settings:

    Enable = true
    AntiDeadForce = 900
    SATAmpMult = 1.200000
    SATMax = 9000
    SATFactor = 0.950000
    DetailMult = 1.500002
    DetailLim = 6000
    DetailMaw = 2
    DamperMax = 5
    DamperMin = 5
    DamperMinSpeed = 5.000001
    CollisionMult = 2.500000
    Gamma = 0.800000
    MaxSpeed = 85.000000

    ANTIDEADZONE = 0.250000
    DEADZONE = 0.000000
    DEADZONEOFFSET = 0.000000
    SteerAngleMax = 900.000000
    SteerAngleCar = 900.000000
    SteerAngleBike = 360.000000
    SteerAngleBoat = 540.000000
    GAMMA = 1.000000
    DEVICE = 0
    AXLE = lX
    MIN = 0
    MAX = 65535
    FFB = lX



    Look at the factor and gamma stuff, that changes how quickly the force ramps up. Also look at AntiDeadForce, try lowering it.

  • @ikt That fixed it and ffb is on to thank you very much gonna 5 star now! :thumbsup_tone2:

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