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[MISC] [SOLVED] 1st person bike view

  • A proper 1st person bike view..

    ..as opposed to the current 'camera' view. Tilt a camera, and the image is tilted. But our visual system isn't a camera - tilt your head, and the horizon remains level; corrected by vestibular feedback from the lugholes.

    Likewise, when we corner a bike, it should be just the bike that leans, and not the entire physical universe.

    The visual impact of the road surface coming up towards eye-level as you enter a steep angle of attack is one of the singular thrills of fast riding, and completely lost and squandered by the crazy overbearing camera roll.

    Been riding my whole life and never experienced such an effect. Trying to ride a bike in V is like tripping with an inner ear infection..

    All it needs is the camera roll neutralising. Simple fix, but trust me, SO worthwhile - your ability to ride the bikes in-game, and the amount of fun you'll subsequently have with them... Just from being able to maintain a normal sense of spatial orientation, and similarly, being able to see the angle of the bike relative to a stable horizon, helps judge and plan cornering trajectories etc.

    If the horizon started rolling like that in real life when cornering, no human would be able to stay balanced and in control... it's insane. They'd be piling up on every bend and corner..

    Killing the tilt on bike cams could really open up the appeal of the gadzillion bikes R* keep adding, all of which i currently ignore. I'd be tempted to try realistic physics mods for 'em.. This one little fix could re-invigorate GTA biking and give the biking scene a whole new, refreshing, and much more accessible persective.


    FP camera roll + bikes = lame.

  • Here's a quick demo of how riding a bike SHOULD look:

    ...IIUC this is using Racer_S's camera hack for GTA:SA.

    And courtesy of SBK2001 (still unsurpassed in terms of dedicated bike sims):

    ...and finally, GTA IV, again using a camhack:

    ...That's how things really ARE when riding a bike.

    Now compare that with GTA V:

    ..how feckin' retarded is that camera roll? How can ANYONE ride a bike like that?

    I can't be the only person bothered by this?

    Spent some time today looking for a solution, but it looks like the settings must be in a ytd file or something, so either a ytd depacker's needed, or else a memory hack to lock the 'roll' parameter at zero.

    Vehicles.meta just assigns the POV camera type to be used with each vehicle - for example the PCJ uses PCJ_POV_CAMERA or whatever, but i've been unable to find the corresponding entry using OpenIV or AgentRansack. There's a cameras.ytd though, hence my suspicions..

    I did try swapping the entry for PCJ_POV_CAMERA in vehicles.meta for the STANDARD_POV_CAMERA used in many cars, but this only seems to modify X, Y, and Z offsets, resulting in the POV camera being embedded in the engine, and the camera roll still leaning with the bike..

    I'm useless with CheatEngine, but for anyone more skilled, camera roll can't be that hard to isolate?

  • Does this look similar to what you want? About the 1:50 mark

  • That is exactly what i'm after mate! That's what it actually looks like riding a bike. Completely different experience to a camera strapped to the tank..

    So what is this awsome mod, and can it be used to just automatically replace the default view?

    Also - very important - does mouselook / headlook still work? I'm using a headtracker so this is a must... i discovered how to fix a camera to the player's head using pctrainer, but it's forward-facing only, no headlook..

  • @MrVibrating you are talking about that head tracking mod correct? I have doubts that it will work with this mod (it's called Drive Modes btw). If the head tracking mod simulates gamepad/mouse camera movement, then it might work. Have you tried contacting the author with your request?

    Edit: I was confused; when you mentioned head tracking, I immediately thought of this mod. If this IS what you're using, then I think both mods might work together. I took a quick look at the source code and it indeed looks like it emulates controller camera movement.

    Edit2: One other thing, mouse look does work, so if that's all that's needed for headtracking, then it should work. I'm the author of the mod, so if you want me to make a standalone version that automatically replaces the vanilla first-person view with this view, then let me know!

  • OK wow amazing, just installed DriveModes and it SO works, brilliantly. Headtracking (via TrackIR w/ FreePIE) works perfectly, i can finally ride a bike in GTA V without tilting the entire physical universe via my handlebars! Hallelujah and praise be.

    Stillhere, thanks so much, this is simply perfect. As for the stand-alone offer, i should take some time familiarising myself with the mod before making any inane suggestions, but it seems more than i could've hoped for already, i'm finally about to pop my biking cherry in GTAV, lotta tweaking to do..

    I'm a despatch rider in r/l and wanna be able to do some of the things i can do in r/l, in-game. I've done handling mods for previous versions of GTA but hadn't bothered with V since KillaTomate's pretty much nailed it and i can't do better.. except for the bikes. Haven't found a semi-realistic bike mod yet, so wanna try for myself, using an FFB wheel... got this stupid notion of modding handlebars to a cheap FFB wheel, with working throttle and levers? Dumb, but if it panned out it'd be the only FFB realistic biking sim i know of..

    So your built-in handling editor is just a double bonus... i've got the proper 1st person view, AND the in-game handling editor i would've been searching for once solving that first hurdle... this mod's exactly what i was looking for, plus the next one after that.. thank you thank you!!!

  • @MrVibrating Glad to hear that you found what you're looking for.
    I'm going to lock this thread now.

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