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Problem with comet2 and penumbra replace cars.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm currently replacing a lot of cars to their real version (thanks to the community for all the excellent and super detailed mods).

    So at first I installed a few, like 48 or so, then I opened the game and when spawning them some of them didn't work. When searching for what went wrong, it was that I installed many of them only on x64e directory, so the ones that have a newer version on dlcpacks didn't work (which makes sense).

    However, still, comet2 and penumbra and a few others still do not work.

    I have downloaded different replaces for both of them, and all the readme files say the same thing "install under mods/x64e/..." But when doing so, they don't work in the game.

    Perhaps you guys know another location? Like inside of any dlcpacks?

    I have the game almost vanilla for mods, so there shouldn't be any problem with the followings:

    Natural Vision Evolved (brighter lights, low settings enb, performance and nothing else)
    ScriptHook V
    ScriptHook .NET - 2 - 3
    gameconfig for unlimited cars

    Hope you have some solution to this.

    PS: I do own Steam original copy of the game.

  • @bmSgtav The only two things I can share with you is that for addons specifically, every once in awhile the spawn name and the folder name are different. This is dumb, but that's the way the author did it. Why keep it simple and consistent with 99.99% of other addons, right? So in that case, you go back to the instructions to see what the spawn name is. Interestingly, many addons don't even have instructions which makes sense since it is a no-brainer installation.

    The second issue I found is that some just won't spawn for reasons unknown. You can get a feel for that in the comments section of the mod, i.e. if you see lots of comments saying couldn't spawn you might be one of the unlucky ones for whom, reasons unknown, it just won't work with your configuration. For example I can't spawn the Porsche 935 which the author has as porshe, regardless of how i spell Porsche.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for you reply! I get why Addon cars shouldn't work, the thing is I've been installing replace cars only. As well didn't modified the ytf, ytd files' names (example having a replace car for nineF and change it to comet2). The most reasonable thing is there's another location for these files, but where are them who knows.

  • Alright for anyone having this issue, comet2 in on patchday13
    What I've been doing is searching for the models using OpenIV search bar, and replacing all the ytf and ytd files with the modded ones.

  • @bmSgtav
    Just in case you haven't found it:


    If you hit Ctrl+F3 in OpenIV you can search for stuff by name & find it quickly. :thumbsup:
    Much better than using the search/filter bar (unless of course you hit the blue 'search for "penumbra" in all archives' link after doing so (it opens same search box))

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