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Can we use Jesco's Animation?

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  • I finally found it, called mountain dance.

    And this is where Jesco White is teaching the girls how to dance.

    I still haven't figured out this function - there are so many parameters, again poorly documented.

  • If any anybody else new to scripting is interested, here is the native i used:
    void TASK_PLAY_ANIM(Ped ped, const char* animDictionary, const char* animationName, float blendInSpeed, float blendOutSpeed, int duration, int flag, float playbackRate, BOOL lockX, BOOL lockY, BOOL lockZ)

    Natives Database

    Or if you prefer to use the shvdn functions:
    Seq3.AddTask.PlayAnimation - followed by animation parameters

    I wasn't able to figure out the parameters - documentation is thin - so i ran the script without parameters - which means most of them are optional. Still want to experiment as they are necessary for blending other sequences.

    That's the other part, you need to create a task sequence and then have the peds perform it.

    Menyoo allows you do these task sequences without scripting. You can then save the animation as part of a spooner map, open the .xml file, and look at the values that were used.

    I don't want to use Menyoo to replace a script, however I'm probably going to do that to look at what values it gives. Scripting gives you better control (start, stop on key press or conditions). I have previously used Menyoo to help with ped component variations (i.e. wardrobe) which i then converted to scripts.

    This is what a task/play animation, will look like in Menyoo's map. You can see the animation name (2 components), blend speeds, loops, etc. The flags are the PITA.
    <Task> <Type>14</Type> <Duration>8000</Duration> <KeepTaskRunningAfterTime>0</KeepTaskRunningAfterTime> <IsLoopedTask>false</IsLoopedTask> <AnimDict>special_ped@tonya@franklin_3@</AnimDict> <AnimName>dont_be_actin_like_you_dont_know_me</AnimName> <Speed>4.99999905</Speed> <SpeedMultiplier>-4</SpeedMultiplier> <Flag>0</Flag> <LockPos>false</LockPos> <OverrideDurationToNormalSpeedAnimDuration>false</OverrideDurationToNormalSpeedAnimDuration> </Task>

  • @JohnFromGWN Some more dancing, showing the clipping differences based on the models. Shouldva tried this on the strippers.
    Another copyright claim too!

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