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Toyota Corolla EE90 XL Liftback 1.3-1.6 (1989-1991) Request

  • Hello,

    This car is quite an old car but it's style is unique. It is not the classic Corolla with the squared out rear. Weighing 945kg it was a light and fast FWD vehicle in its time with a high revving 2E engine. The chassis was also used on the 1990 AE92 CS-X Seca and presents curved architecture on the rear with angled lights.

    I've been trying to make the car myself starting on blender but after days spent looking for references I could not find anything on the web for the specific edition regardless of how widely it sold. I tried using a different but similar model but to no avail as my blender skills are a long way from adequate and I can't accurately sculpt the car's curves, especially when challenged with implementing them on a different reference model. I found a different model from GTA SA which is the AE92 Levine, a 3-door. I imported it to blender, edited its colours and removed its dummies and am currently processing it on a trial zmodeler3, lagging on every step. With time not on my side I am not likely to manage exporting it for GTA V before the trial is over (11 days). I can send the GTA SA Levine car to whomever is able to bring it to GTA V if making the EE90 is out of the question. I exported it through a blender plugin named DragonFF to be able to import the car on Zmodeler3 following instructions to convert SA addons to GTA V ones.

    I really want to see this car in the game and it's become an obsession to me for the last 2-3 weeks. If anyone else wishes to see this car let me know so we can join our efforts.

    Thank you in advance.

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