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Several vanilla cars when spawned by MENYOO dissapear after seconds

  • Could someone help me, there are several vanilla cars which I guess are vanilla dlc cars like the vw golf (GTA version) which when spawned stay a few seconds to then dissapear. Why does this happen and how can I fix this so I can drive all the games cars.
    Thanks :)

  • It's a Rockstar security measure to prevent players from spawning them in Single Player. Download Simple Native Trainer from here and it comes with the feature to disable it to let you drive the cars.

  • @McKintyre92nd Spawn them and then use F9 to add them to the database - with Menyoo.

  • @Algonquin1234 If I do that, can I still keep using menyoo at the same time?

  • @McKintyre92nd You can but I recommend removing it as Simple Trainer is better and gets updated very frequently. So any problems you have, you can report it to the author and the author would release an update. If you want to use both make sure to change the key in the .ini file on how to open them. You don't want F4 to open both Simple Trainer and Menyoo at the same time. So make sure you change the keys.

  • @Algonquin1234 I'm surprised you would say that. I found the interface to ENT and Simple Trainer both to be glitchy as hell, incredibly poor design. Menyoo UI is far superior, but tastes are subjective. Either way, I'm moving more and more towards Lemon UI and my own menus.

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