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Questions for experienced MLO designers....

  • Hey, Just wanted to say I am often quite impressed with many of the MLO's presented here @5Mods. Unfortunately, I don't have the gear or access to the software to make my own. But I do have questions about the process of building them.

    1. Why is it that versions for 5M seem to be more compatible than those for SP? I notice some designers nail it the first time while others it's often 'miss or hit'. The main issues I see are not being able to maintain consistency with the exterior and local terrain textures or having the interior place properly, but the mods for the exterior don't go through.

    2. Why do so many MLO designers (and Modders) say, 'Well, it works on my machine' when issues about their work are brought up? Of course 'it works on your machine', if it didn't....

    3. Why are there sometimes 'conflicts' with MLO's being loaded in game especially those that are in completely unrelated areas on the map? Also, how do conflicts arise from MLO's made by the same designers occur?

    4. Is it possible to make 'particle-free' zones without making an MLO? I've found numerous 'rain and snow-free' areas on the map, particularly under certain bridges and such. How would someone make such a space?

    5. I would guess you need Codewalker to access props on the map trainers aren't able to. I notice there are floor and wall textures used you can't find even with Map Builder. Are these things more easily available when making an MLO?

    6. I also noticed props that are 'location specific' don't seem to have that problem when used in and MLO. Are these things accessible when making Ymaps?

    Thanks ahead for any of you who stop by and answer any or all of my questions!

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