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help missing wardrobe

  • I downloaded Daytona Rolex by Red. I can't find it. I searched everywhere it won't appear :( Please somebody help me I just discovered modding last month

  • @ayanakamura I hope someone replies :(

  • Kamusta @ayanakamura , Judging from the description of the mod you need to install the easy mod folder which I can paste the link below:

    And yeah it's a clothing addon you can't find it on shops or wardrobes of the character, you need to acces them in trainer like Menyoo, Hope it helps. :)

  • @Darkwolf_26 said in help missing wardrobe:

    mod you need to install the easy mod folder which I can paste the li
    HI!! Yes I already have EMF and Menyoo. I meant even in Menyoo I can't find the watch it says the selection "23" inside accessory/tops but it won't show :( btw, thank you!! :> glad someone is willing to help.

  • @ayanakamura hey I downloaded the mod and it seem work fine, I think the problem was a clothing id since the selection was limited to 18. You can choose 001 - 018, but it will replace vanilla clothes.

    Just go to: \mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\EMFsingleplayer\dlc.rpf\x64\streamedpeds_players.rpf\player_one\ and find this file: accs_024_u.ydd

    you can see that there are 3 digit numbers, as I mentioned earlier, you can choose up to 001 - 018. if you finish renamed the file, go back to menyoo and find the number.

  • wow thank you!!! this is such a big help. trying it now!! sml

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