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i need help

  • i installed some mods, like San andreas trees and my gta v dont open, it crashes when appear rockstar launcher.
    when i had my add-on vehicles it worked nice.
    i have scripthook and scripthook comunity. i have visual studio microsoft .net etc.....
    can somebody help me?

  •    I  had about 200 addons before,including addon vehicles and 15 interiors.  but when I enable mp maps my game crash.  finally I found  some of the interiors cannot compatible with my map,even they are addons. 
     I am not sure if your tree mods are addon? or maybe you enable the mp map at the same time? check them.  If it is then try to stop the tree mod and check your game again:)

  • @Agusttin You need to follow the instructions that come with the mod. You mention SH and Visual Studio - what you should be worrying about are gameconfig, heap limit adjuster, and for forests no boundary limits. Check out the Mods section. You might be instructed to install a packfile adjuster as well (although I've never needed one). You also need to have a decent system for those mega maps - if not, try to lower your visual settings.

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