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i can't spawn add-on vehicles

  • So as i said above i cant spawn any add-on vehicles,i have configured dlclist.xml, installed manyoo menu and add-on vehicles spawner mod, but whenever i try to spawn any car it says that its invalid and "carnotfound". I don't know what to do in that case so someones help would be appreciated.!dlc path screenshot
    dlclist.xlm file

  • @Trolnice Both your screenshots are fine.
    You don't show the path to your dlclist.xml, it should be like this:

    Actually your problem is better than crashing, but I don't see what could be causing it.
    The folder containing your car, should have dlc.rpf in it, same file for all your car addons.

    Are you spawning from Menyoo or the other addon (which i dont know/dont use)?

    I would suggest temporarily disabling the add-on vehicles spawner, not because it's bad, but because that's the only piece which is not required. Obviously your can load mods since Menyoo is working for you. Other than that, everything looks fine. If you could send a link to a specific model I can try to install it.

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