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Import and set my vector minimaps (svg) as interiors (gfx)? (I can give some $ for a solution)

  • I try to load my maps as svg files in the same way how north yankton, cayo perico and all the interiors are.
    Loading the maps as vector not pixels, means the maps will not have loading problems/delays, they will have a much better quality, with much smaller package, and also it will be much easier for me to import them directly as svg.

    Here is what I tried:
    When rockstar added cayo perico map, they added heist4 dlc, patchday24ng dlc (in DLCs I can't find anything relevant) and update/update.rpf. The minimaps for cayo perico map and the interiors for it, are in update.rpf\x64\patch\data\cdimages\scaleform_minimap.rpf.
    Considering that rockstar can add interiors only with update.rpf, I searched there. I found a file /x64/data/mapdatacullboxes.ymt with many numbers which look like the names of the int (gfx) files, but they are not, maybe there is still something about the interiors, but too many things without sense for me.
    Then I found /common/data/scaleformpreallocation.xml, which has some data about interios. To see if my map is working in the game, I used north yankton minimap as a template, I replaced ny map with my gta 5 atlas map using jpexs ffdec, and the game worked with my map.
    Now to see if I can load my own int file, I changed the name of the ny map (with my map in), from int2789279894 to int2789279895, changed it from "exporterinfo" in the gfx file too, and also changed the name in scaleformpreallocation.xml. I put int2789279895 in x64b.rpf/..., update.rpf/..., and in a dlc for the game to recognize it somewhere. Tested the game and it didn't crash, but now it doesn't show any map for north yankton, so it won't recognize my file using only scaleformpreallocation.
    I restored ny map, but didn't restore the file name in scaleformpreallocation, so I let this file without any detail about ny map, and the map still worked in the game without problems, here I got mad, WHAT'S THE POINT OF THIS FILE IF IT DOES EXACTLY NOTHING?
    Still, I searched for other files, I didn't find much, except x64/levels/gta5/script/script_rel.rpf/fake_interiors.ysc, and maybe some other scripts in this rpf, but it's a pain for me to open their scripts so I quit because I don't have nerves for the scripts.
    My english isn't great, but I hope you understand.
    Some screenshots

    Now, there are many questions and idk if I will get any reply.
    How to make the game load my int.gfx file? How to change the size and the position for it? How to script it to appear when I want to?
    Also, as I said, if someone can solve that, I can send some $ (not a lot, but still) via paypal, revolut, credit card, but idk how much to offer, so depends on how much you need.

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