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My Question about Vehicle Lights

  • Hi, i'm developing a realistic script for GTA V and i'm wondering is there any way to turn on vehicle lights while the engine is still off?
    This is why i need that solution..
    I'm working on some injection stuff (like real life vehicles) where it seems like you turn the key to ON mode (on motorbikes) but you cannot simply start the bike's engine yet, cause you need to wait for the injection to finish their job. And, usually when the injection is on the lights is also on (even when the engine is still off)..
    That's why i want to make this a realization to my script so i can adapt more features (Like vehicle battery runs out).
    So if you happen to know a way to do this and tell me, i would really appreciate it

  • Nevermind.. I've been experimenting native call then find the solution for this problem

  • @TheAS good evening wanted to thank you so much for the script asuniverse it's a dope cool script. Wanted to know have you experienced starting out with the fuel stations showing and when you get in a spawn car the icons at the bottom show but the minute you get in another vehicle the gas stations on the map disappear and the jobs weed and degrees are gone its like it turns off those parts of the script. Thank you again for your time and help.

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