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About removing vignette effect

  • As title says. I wanna remove the vignette effect from this game :( I wanna my space monkey mask but appears a black circle in my screen which is annoying. How to remove that effect -vignette-?

  • @Lorence
    No idea, but you could test to see if it's a timcycle modifier in any of the 'timecycle_mods_1>4.xml' files.

    • Download this.
    • Use WinRAR to extract files.
    • Backup 'update.rpf'.
    • Install all 4 'timecycle_mods_1>4.xml' files here:


    • Test in-game & see if effect is removed.

    If the effect is gone, test out one file at a time until you figure out which one the timecycle modifier resides in, & then by blanking single or blocks of timecycle modifiers in that file (overwrite parts of your normal 'timecycle_mods_#.xml' file with data from the linked ones above) , figure out which one it is.

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