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Way to activate and desactivate mods

  • I need a way to activate and desactivate mods for single player in order to dont be banned when I play online. I know NiumManager do that but OpenIV create folders and files. Now I have copied the GTAV folder so I have one with mods and the other one without mods and I change the names when I want play single or online. But it is not a solution since I can forget it and accidentally go in online. Any help please?

  • @WGotch07 Your reply made me both laugh and smile. When I think of the number of posts I've seen, here and elsewhere, with advice ranging from "use this mod to disable all your addons" to boasts about "I have 2 full version of GTA V", you finally posted the right way to do it. It's also the first file you want to remove/rename when troubleshooting a no launch. Post should be pinned.



    It is in the pinned guide thing:

    Disabling all mods

    Moving or renaming dinput8.dll will stop ScriptHookV, ScriptHookVDotNet and OpenIV from loading. If you properly used OpenIV's mod folder, this disables all mods > and you should be able to play the unmodded game and even join a GTA:O session.

    Just nobody reads it 🥲

  • @ikt I'm not surprised. They also don't read the posting guidelines. "Help me fix my addon. End of Post"

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