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Vehicle Issue - Car won't drive

  • Hello GTA 5 Mods,

    If someone can help me or point me in the right direction will be much appreciated.

    I recently installed some new vehicle addons and 2 Ymap garages. After driving for about 10-15 minutes i get in my car and it doesn't drive , when i hit the gass it jolts moving back and forward does anyone have any idea?

    Thank you in advanced.


    @MDizz Please try to be more specific on which car doesn't drive, or all cars, also on the mods you recently installed

  • @Biggdogg I'm using these plugins
    Human Needs
    Pack life limit
    Heap Adjuster
    game config installed

    I thought it was just on one addon car but it's happening to quite a few of them now car scraches the floor and can't drive it like normal it jolts backward and forwards.

  • Please see clips below for my issue.

    car 1
    car 2

    This eventually affects all cars with mods and without mods

  • That effect happens on fuel scripts when your fuel is to low last time I played with them otherwise your car might get random damage from a script maybe? I also got that issue on the persistence script when fuel in the file is to low hope that helps

  • @Zuraxo thank you, you may have hit the nail on the head I am using fuel script reloaded as the others don’t work. I will let you know

  • @MDizz yea i just remember i used persistence and a fuel script and it didn't work well together

  • @Zuraxo I found a way to make these scripts work.

    in the Fuelreloaded.ini set LINKWITHDASHBOARD=False
    This fixed my issue.

  • @MDizz nice now we helped eachother out lmao ty!

  • @MDizz
    Hi where can I find the fil fuelreloaded.ini?

  • @Nung1G
    It was included in a previous version of Fuel Reloaded I believe (file now called 'FuelReloaded3.ini' in v3.2).
    If you don't have any fuel scripts installed, they are unlikely to be the cause of your issue.

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