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How do I change default car color at spawn?

  • I normally customize my car and then save it in Menyoo or script it to spawn it customized.
    Now I'd like to have the vehicle spawn, through Menyoo, in a specific color all the time.
    I played around with OpenIV and found the file carvariations.meta.

    So a few questions if someone could please help me get started.

    1. Is this the correct file?
    2. My model had exactly 190 lines of text between the color tag. Why?
    3. My limited understanding, is that first parameter is the primary color? Correct? But again 190 lines??

    I changed the value for the first parameter, based on Menyoo which gave me 51, and it spawned correctly the first time, and then at random afterwards.

    1. So which parameters and how many of the 190 lines need to be modified so the car spawns same color each time?

    I noticed (google) there is also reference to a file called carcols (which for this model doesn't exist). Is this for replacements?

    <indices content="char_array">
    51 \ racing green, works on first spawn, second spawn goes back to gray default

  • Ok I figured it out. Solution is simply to remove all the excess blank lines or color sets you don't need. I deleted about 180 useless lines of xml.

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