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Special characters in usernames prevents them from being tagged in replies.

  • I have just tried to reply to the user [underscore]CP[underscore]... but you can't, because markup intercepts the text and changes it because it uses the underscore character for text formatting.

    So my question is... how do I tag people that have special characters like the underscore in their usernames?

  • @LeeC2202 Same Question. Had This happen to me multiple times.!

  • Unfortunately this is an issue with the Markdown library that's being used by the forum system. The forum system has more restrictions on usernames than I do on the main site, so it's not accounting for this. I don't think I'll have a good solution since it's within the Markdown library.

  • @rappo I guess that's the flaw with any system that tries to use standard characters to do something special with the text. Maybe that's why the traditional tag system is still so widely used across forum systems. It explicitly defines when something non-standard needs to happen.

    Aha... a brief read of the markdown language syntax has provided the solution.... escaping special characters with the backslash. So if you precede the underscores with a backslash, you end up with the correct username being presented. I'll avoid demonstrating it just in case CP isn't too happy at being tagged in this, but try writing @[backslash][underscore]CP[backslash][underscore] and you will see what I mean.

    There's always a way. :)

  • @Frazzlee Yeah, like escaping the quote character when you want to display things in quotes.

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