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[VEHICLE]Subaru Impreza GDB-A "Rival Car 323"

  • To Modders of 5Mods;i came with a model rip from a PS2 Game;jintei's jacked up impreza GDB-A from Tokyo Xtreme Racer:Drift 2,i offer up this model rip was me requesting capable modders to bring the widebodied impreza into GTA5 - and also make 'em FiveM compatible,since this is a model rip,'fraid whomever get the model would need to take care the rest,that been remaking the model from scratch.

    to be fair,my initial intention of making this request besides drivin' my favorite car from TXRD2 in los santos was to have the completed mod added in a FiveM server called Hashiriya,that i would finally able to own a impreza in JDM Prototype class,with that been said,this conclude my request post,if anyone interested in the model rip,PM me your email address,i'll send the 7Z file to you:bow_tone1::pray_tone1:.
    (P.S;no photo attached in the post due to the site don't allow direct image file upload,if anyone still don't know what Rival Car 323 - or RIV323 as it's "chassis" name ingame is,please either play txrd2 or go watch this youtube video

    - the timestamp where the requested vehicle shows up in the video is between 12:20 to 12:38.)

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