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[VEHICLE]Subaru Impreza GDB-A "Rival Car 323"

  • So,in late april this year,i've completed Tokyo Xtreme Racer:Drift 2 without crashing into anything for the most part,mostly using a car that i'm currently requesting as a FiveM-compatible add-on car mod in GTA5;an 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX STI "RIV323",soo i've started to liking the former boss car belong to Jintei,so much so that i wanna see the car appear in the streets of los santos.

    So the notions of driving RIV323 in GTA5 and absolute lack of mod-making skills - also a slight irate out of decal of the requested vehicle was applyed into a lore-friendly mitsubishi lancer evo ripoff that being Vanillaworks' Maibatsu Sunrise R instead of a fan-made karin sultan brings me here with this request;Please,can someone port the Rival Car 323 to GTA5? i could offer up the model rip of the car if anyone wants it... however i'm not so sure about whether or not i did rip the model of the car with ninja ripper,after all;there's no PS2 game model rip fixing tutorial online that uses TXRD2 as example...
    (P.S;no photo attached in the post due to the site don't allow direct image file upload,if anyone still don't know what Rival Car 323 - or RIV323 as it's "chassis" name ingame is,please check the fandom link - which is the second link out of three,or go watch this youtube video

    - the timestamp where the requested vehicle shows up in the video is between 12:20 to 12:38.)

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