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Reduce Probability Of Cops called on explosions far away from anyone

  • Hello,

    I used to explode cars for Scrapyard,
    I mostly do "petrol-leak-based" explosions, usually when I executed this in the city, I get made and cops are after me; thought that some civilians would've reported.

    Today, I take a car to nowhere (at the foot of a mountain near the scrapyard) explode it with it's own petrol and I have cops on me. <Attention we have a civilian report of an explosion>.

    This annoys me and doesn't make sense at all;

    Can someone please tell if there is a file I can mod to dial down the reporting on explosions


  • @SavuKosu feel you 1000% what i did is take this mod link and take the dispatch files out and install it manually since I only needed those 2 files and im mixing a bunch of mods works like a charm cant tell if the whole mod still works since it's outdated but that's what I did


  • @Zuraxo Thanks, will try to incorporate this. :)

  • I have found a few interesting files,
    scenariotriggers.meta, dispatch.meta, witnessinformation.meta.

    Will try changing values in these.

  • @SavuKosu those are the files i mean working greate since i took those files out and installed it manually

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