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God Mode (Infinite Health), Disable Wanted Level and No Restricted Areas Mods that does NOT require ScriptHookV

    1. I'm wonder if there is way to make a mod that gives Michael / Trevor / Franklin Infinite health (God mode) as it do be NOT be script one, but rather a variant installable via OpenIV?!? I'm tired now ScriptHookV is again not working during to latest R* update for GTA V adding new content for Multiplayer (GTA Online) ONLY, AGAIN! Now Simple Native Trainer and its God mode in my copy are useless without any updated ScriptHookV!

    2. Also, can be made a mod installable via OpenIV that makes Story Mode protalgonists do never get wanted / chased by police? I know there is a mod that makes wanted level to go away almost immediately, but author has included in archive with his mod only mod's files, but there's NO readme.txt with installation instructions...

    3. Also anything about a non-script mod installable via OpenIV.asi that disables restricted areas, a.k.a. do can enter Fort Zancudo, Human Labs & Research, etc without getting an instant wanted level? Can someone make an one?

    Thanks!: bicyclist:

    1. Well, there is a system in place where a trainer reminds your setting (saved by the trainer), but that uses .... precisely.
      It's already halfway though, you do not need to reset your favorite settings each startup.

    Question, what is your beef with Scripthook?
    If you have a trainer issue, it is NOT because of SC, rather the trainer.

    Try this trainer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav
    I used this one for ages, not a SINGLE conflict. ;)
    AND you can even spawn latest cars with the Span By Name system, how awesome it THAT?

    1. see trainer.

    That should be Open Interiors mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/open-all-interiors
    BUT this one uses.... right...

    Well, MAYBE it might help you. ;)

  • @65536 Use this trainer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/enhanced-native-trainer
    It saves all your settings, like god mode, infinite health, infinite ammo, never reload, etc. The downside is is that is hasn't been updated in a year, so it won't have the latest weapons DLC, though you can still spawn cars by name, AND save them. As for mods, I'm pretty sure that you need Script Hook V for mods to work, that is unless you don't use vehicle, ped, weapons, or really any mods whatsoever. What script hook v does is allow asi plugins like OpenIV.asi to run, so if you want to get rid of OpenIV then you can get rid of Script Hook V. As for No Restricted Areas, try this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/no-restricted-areas, or you can use your trainer and turn off wanted levels. So in the end, if you use mods, you need Script Hook V. That's that. Oh, and Script Hook V has been updated. http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/

  • @65536 If you don't play online and don't care about new content, you could always disable automatic updating, at least for the Steam version.

  • @nathanjamesddg151 said in God Mode (Infinite Health), Disable Wanted Level and No Restricted Areas Mods that does NOT require ScriptHookV:

    What script hook v does is allow asi plugins like OpenIV.asi to run

    OpenIV.ASI does not requires ScriptHookV at all.

  • This post is deleted!

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