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After downloading Redux mod, No A.I's spawn in Barracks and Tanks and they don't attack!!!!

  • Sorry about the pictures not working on top... ^^^^

    I don't know if these will work this time but here's proof!!




    Thank you again @a63nt-5m1th for helping with my situation, I can't believe I didnt come across this the first time LOL. Thank you!

  • @Natertater05
    Nice :slight_smile:, no probs, glad it's working :thumbsup:

    So to sum up (for anyone else who might read this):

    Ghost/no drivers/no peds dispatch vehicles possible causes/fixes list:

    • Too many models in 'dispatch.meta' - Use Dispatch 'Ghost' Fix to fix that
    • No 'FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT' in dispatch vehicle's 'vehicles.meta' '<flags>' line - Add it in manually to fix
    • Incorrect/incompatible layout set in 'vehicles.meta' '<layout>' line - Test other vehicle's layout values in place of it until find fix (probably start with standard/more general ones, moving to more specific ones as you test)

    There may also be other as of yet unknown causes of this. Most likely something in 'dispatch.meta' or 'vehicles.meta', so prioritize them first while diagnosing if nothing above fixes it.

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