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Headlights get brighter when entering vehicle?

  • At night if I get out while the engine runs, once I leave get out the light that shines on the road gets dim. Then it brightens up again when I get in.

  • @mrwallace888
    Most likely these settings in 'visualsettings.dat':

    car.headlights.global.HeadlightIntensityMult	3.6
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightDistMult	8.0
    car.headlights.player.intensitymult	1.0
    car.headlights.player.distmult	1.0
    car.headlights.player.exponentmult	1.0

    If the player ones are set above 1.0, the headlights will get brighter when you get into the vehicle. Below 1.0 & they will get dimmer.
    Basically, leave the player ones at 1.0, & use the global ones to set the brightness/intensity/distance etc

    Headlights blip Off & then On when you enter/exit a vehicle. Don't think there is anything that can be done about that, just in case you, or anyone else reading this, was wondering etc. :thumbsup:

  • I set all three player-related lines to "1.0", but player lights are still brighter than default.

  • @mrwallace888
    Play about with the values. Lower the 'player' ones further & see if it makes any difference.
    If they make the change in headlights brighter or dimmer, you'll see it :thumbsup: & then edit accordingly, until you find values that work.
    I'll have a think about what else might be affecting them. All I know is those values in 'visualsettings.dat' fixed the issue for me.

    These are the exact values I used to fix it, test them out & see what you get:

    car.headlights.angle	0.03
    car.headlights.split	0.0
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightIntensityMult	3.6
    car.headlights.global.HeadlightDistMult	8.0
    car.headlights.global.ConeInnerAngleMod	0.4
    car.headlights.global.ConeOuterAngleMod	0.37
    car.headlights.global.OnlyOneLightMod	1.0
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsAngleMod	0.94
    car.headlights.global.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod	0.17
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsAngleMod 0.830
    car.headlights.submarine.Fake2LightsDisplacementMod	0.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.IntensityMult	1.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.DistMult	1.5
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaIntensityMult	2.0
    car.headlights.fullbeam.CoronaSizeMult	2.0
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.mod	-0.10
    car.headlights.aim.dippedbeam.mod	-0.11
    car.headlights.aim.fullbeam.angle	-0.15
    car.headlights.aim.dipeedbeam.angle	0.7
    car.headlights.aim.dippedbeam.angle	0.7
    car.headlights.player.intensitymult	1.0
    car.headlights.player.distmult	1.0
    car.headlights.player.exponentmult	1.0

    My internal/external headlight settings (just above) might not be an exact match in your game, depending on ENB settings & possibly other things, but they should be close.
    See if they are closer matched than what you have, & then see if you can match them up further/edit back to your settings one by one to see what value does what etc :thumbsup:

  • I actually fixed this for someone using a script so it's at least doable through that.

    Inside Vehicle

    Outside Vehicle

  • @mrwallace888
    Using the Lights fix after Bikers Update [BETA 2] 'visualsettings.dat':

    car.headlights.player.intensitymult	1.5

    matches up the brightness pretty well for me.
    Using that 'visualsettings.dat' linked above, I don't get brighter headlights when entering the car, they are actually dimmer. Hence why I set 'car.headlights.player.intensitymult' to 1.5.

    You'll just have to edit the 'car.headlights' yourself, & maybe have to play about with the external distance/angle values, depending on whether you want the external headlights distance etc match to dipped or full beam.

    One or both of these values also alter brightness:


    might be worth playing about with them too

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