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CodeWalker is not working, please help me.

  • I am new to CodeWalker, I downloaded the latest version from Discord today, but when I first opened it and confirmed the gta5 folder it worked for seconds and then turned off, I tried again but it worked for a few seconds and then closed, what is the solution, help me!

  • @Mahmoud-Al-Dimashqi
    Make sure you have the latest version from the CodeWalker Discord.
    The CodeWalker on this site (v.29) is way out of date & missing a lot of new functionality.

    Do you have a SLI or AMD CrossFire setup. That's the only time I've seen CodeWalker crash.
    Turn off SLI or AMD CrossFire & just use one card when using CodewWalker if so.

    If the newest version does the same, ask for help in the CodeWalker Discord.
    That's your best bet :thumbsup:

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