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urgent help please

  • hello I really need help with my mods they have stopped working I have everything up to date and the correct files installed I've looked everywhere on YouTube the only thing i have managed is re writing the dinput.8 and d3d9 files but then when the game runs the mods aren't installed please may someone help me I'm desperate my discord is thomodyl3#9558 if any one could help in any way

  • @thomodyl3 If they just stopped working - out of the blue - it's because you likely made a change to your GTA5 setup/configuration.

    So what I would suggest, is you backtrack and identify the last modifications you made - edits, installs, uninstalls. Don't reinstall the game, that's generally a waste of time although you can quickly verify the integrity of your game files. Having said, it is probably something you changed that broke something else.

    And what do you mean by "rewriting" those files? Re-copying?

  • @JohnFromGWN i think i changed my game config and yes i mean re copying and place them back into gta v directory, i dont quite understand how i would find out which thing i changed broke it would you suggest using gta v cleaner and starting from scratch monitoring every mod i add individually, thanks for reaching out man

  • You are using a Mods folder right? and not copying config into gta v?
    I would go back to the last items you change, if it was working before, rather than start from scratch.
    You don't always need to remove the mod, just rename it temporarily should work (no need to change dlclist.xml unless it is permanent removal).

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