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  • Hello, I have a question about scenarios for PEDs. I use Menyoo and object spooner. I create some sceanario with peds, cars, or items. Example, I create road work construction. I want that my peds (workers) drills road. I select first ped and select scenarios and choose "Drilling". Ped have in hands drill and is drilling, but I have more workers in this road works, that I select other worker and choose "Drilling" scenario and have in hands drill and drills. But after a few selecting scenarios for peds, example I use 3-4 drilling scenario for workers, Scenario doesn´t work. Ped is still standing and doesn´t have in hands drill and isn´t drilling. I want, that ALL my peds do same scenario with drill and drilling action. Can I repair it? Or, exist some other mod with scenarios, where this scenarios work, if I use more peds with same scenario? I have a same problem with "paparazzi" scenario. First peds are photographing, but on the next peds, scenario doesn´t work. They are standing and haven´t in hands camera. I use animations too, but in animations, ped doesn´t have in hands objects, example: camera, drill, therefore I use scenarios, but in scenarios, is this problem, action doesn´t work. Exist some program with only all scenarios, where isn´t this problem? Thank you very much, for your answers.

  • You need to keep the scenario going, there is a checkbox.
    This video might help.

  • I must use Task sequencies for each ped? Because I select scenario for every ped separely and Scenario doesn´t work after 2-3 peds.. I must use 1 Scenario for every ped in same time, by Task sequencies?

    Edit: I test your answer. I add peds to task sequence, and set scenario "parking attendant". Work it, but I had set time 10 second and after this time, scenario finish. I scenario start with task sequence again, and peds still stand, and don´t do scenario. I can´t again start same scenario by task sequence, after time duration previous task sequence. I can run task sequence again, after end previous task sequence, because peds don´t respond with scenario. They stay still and scenario don´t work again. How can I run scenario again? It always stops working for me, if I use scenariou more times.

  • @pat000
    To be honest I don't use Menyoo task sequences, and I don't use scenarios either.
    I would strongly recommend you learn how to do this by script and use animations rather than scenarios. If you are interested in doing this by script, post here.
    Code would be relatively simple, but you need to to create Scripts folder and download a few files. For something this simple you don't need a compiler.

    It would look this, AFAIK this would loop indefinitely, but again I'm not familiar with scenarios vs regular animations.
    var npc = World.CreatePed(PedHash.SpyActress, Game.Player.Character.GetOffsetInWorldCoords(new Vector3(1, 5, 0)));
    npc.Task.StartScenario("WORLD_HUMAN_CONST_DRILL", npc.Position);

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I just checked, and indeed it seems they loop indefinitely without the need for setting flags which can be a PITA.

  • I use animations in menyoo, I know find animations, which is in scenario menu, example "clipboard", "Drill" etc. But this is only animation. ped haven´t drill objects in hands. He is drilling, but without drill object. Can I use drilling animation, with drill objects, because it looks like funny, drilling animation, drilling sound, but without drill.
    I don´t know, how create scripts.

  • @pat000 Too bad you don't want to learn how to script because it is actually much easier than messing around with a trainer.

    You might want to try another model, another character. Scenarios don't work for all characters, but based on what you wrote the animation works (drilling) but without the jackhammer. You can spawn an object and then attach it to the character - but that would be difficult to do with a jackhammer since it involves two hands. Well, you could try that but attaching with a trainer is a PITA.

  • I don´t say, that I don´t want learn scripting. I say, that I don´t know, how scripting. I don´t know, how programs are needed for it and how make it.

  • @pat000 I understand. It all depends on what you want to do. If you are making movies or mods, you would benefit from scripting. If you are just sandboxing or RPing, than Menyoo is fine.

    When I came here, about 4 months ago, I had zero intent of learning how to script but I soon realized it allowed me much greater flexibility than trainers or custom mods. It isn't that difficult unless you are going to create full blown missions - I'm not - and there are a few people, really 1 or 2, who can help here with scripting.

    Have you tried using a different model to see if the drill/jackhammer appears and is consistently there?

  • I spawn ped with object spooner, and set Scenarios action - drilling. Scenario work, but, I spawn second same ped and I want set Drilling scenario again and doesn´t work it. Ped haven´t in hands Drill and is still. I try change to different ped model and set him Drilling scenario, but it still doesn´t work on other ped too. I don´t understand it. I want use same scenario action, on all peds, but don´t work it. Still the same failure scenario for all peds. On first ped scenario work, but next peds or other peds, scenario don´t work. GTA V video In this video you can see, what I think, if I say about my problem.

  • @pat000 Hi. I understand your problem, and in the video you are using different models/characters. I'm suggesting you try the scenario with a character that works first - spawn that character multiple times. Also, you can set scenario to play for all characters, you don't need to do them one by one.

    Remember that not all characters support all scenarios. I'm pretty sure this is your problem.

  • @JohnFromGWN There is one more thing you can do. Once you have at least one character who does the scenario properly, with the drill and looping, save the file as a Menyoo map. Then go into the Menyoo folder on your hard drive and open the .xml file. You will see all the working parameters.

    But again, not all characters support all animations. Use the ones you know work.

  • How can I find out on which ped work scenario? You can see in video, that I use First dock worker and drill scenario work, but next I use the same ped, dock worker too and on second ped scenario not working. How can I find out on which ped scenario is working, because, you can see, that I use same peds, but on first scenario work, but on second same scenario don´t work. I don´t have set scenario for each ped? How can I set same scenario for all peds, without set it one by one for each ped?

    Edit: I spawn 6 differently peds, and gave him task sequence, add perform scenario and set it for Drilling. I click on "edit multiple enteties simultaneously and click on start task sequences. All peds start drilling, but I click stop task sequences, and they stop drilling, but I want again start drilling, than I click start task sequences again, with set drilling scenario and they don´t start drilling with task sequece second time. Task sequences working only once?

  • Sorry, but I have 1 other question, which isn´t about this topic. It is about positioning objects for peds. I want have ped, which is photographing. But I want do it with animations, no scenarios. I spawn ped, spawn mobile phone and I set for ped, shocking animation, what is photographing position. Now I want set position mobile to his right hand. But I can´ t positioning mobile, beacause numbers X, Y, Z, are still changing, I can´t set it on my X, Y, Z value. Numbers isn´t changing only if is ped stand without movement. But, his hands, are down and I can´t positioning mobile to his hand, because I don´t know, how rotate phone on correct position, because his hand isn´t in position, in which I want to ped. And my question is: "Can I positioning phone to his hand, when is ped in animation, which I want? I take you video again, I trust, that you understand, what I want to do.

    Here is, what I think: Mobile positioning Can I stop numbers changing, without I must cancel ped animation?

  • @pat000 First attach the prop to the ped. The trick is to use the placement under attachments (it has its own placement menu). Then put in your animation.

  • Okey, thank you very much, I learned it.

  • Sorry, but I have 1 question again. I want create own drilling worker. I learned how place obejct to ped, I know find animation, but I don´t know find needed objects. I want take him drill to hand, but I don´t know find drill in objects. I click Search and write drill and it find some drills, but not what I want. How can I find concrete item, which I need/find?

  • @pat000 Unfortunately that's a problem. In your case the magic word is jackham. If you try jackhammer menyoo will give an error. Quite often it uses abbreviations - so you just guess.

    this site can be useful


  • Hello, I want to ask about objects, who I spawn. I want create police man with torch, which is finding drugs in car example. I spawn ped, set animation, spawn object torch and I set position torch to his hand, but torch isn´t lighting, but in scenarios if I set "shining torch", object - torch is shining, but if I spawn object torch with spawn objects, torch isn´t shining. Can I turn on torch, if I want shining torch, which is it in scenarios?

  • @pat000 which torch are you looking at on this page?

    Is it this one:prop_scn_police_torch for scenario
    prop_cs_police_torch for cut scene

    or just this one p_cs_police_torch_s or prop_cs_police_torch_02

    and I'm sorry but i have no idea how to light a flashlight or "torch"

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