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Crashing after passing a certain point in Eclipse Boulevard.

  • Hello, I have recently discovered that when I am going through Eclipse Boulevard, my game crashes no matter which way I am coming from. GTA does not crash anywhere else besides this certain point. I'm on the latest version with the only major mods being VWE and IVPack, any help would be appreciated.

  • @Ethical
    If you have nothing to go on, this is your best option to figure out what is causing it & fix it. :thumbsup:

    How to diagnose a 'mods' folder issue:

    • Rename your 'mods' folder to something else temporarily, like 'mods - REMOVED' (any name other than 'mods' will do), then load the game to confirm whether the issue resides in your 'mods' folder or not.
    • If the issue is still there, then you are looking to move to diagnosing the 'scripts' folder, '.asi' mods, GPU Driver & the base game files.
    • If the issue is fixed & you confirm it was indeed an issue in your now renamed 'mods' folder, create a new empty 'mods' folder in place of the old one.
    • You then move '.rpf' archives & folder structures from your 'mods - REMOVED' etc folder to your newly created empty 'mods' folder (move them/drag & drop, it's quicker, no need to copy & paste & they won't use up any more space).
    • Test load the game after each change until the the issue reappears & you identify what file or folder structure the issue resides in.

    The quickest way to do this is to use a 50/50 approach.

    • Take half the files in your 'mods - REMOVED' folder & move them into your empty 'mods' folder & then load the game.
    • If the issue does appear, then you know the issue resides in one of them. Remove half of the files back to the 'mods - REMOVED' folder & test again. Repeat, moving files back & forth (depending on the outcome), until you narrow it down to one file.
    • If the issue doesn't appear, you know you can eliminate all those files. Move them to a new folder called 'mods - WORKING' (or something similar) & then proceed to move half of the remaining files in your 'mods - REMOVED' folder to your now again empty 'mods' folder. Repeat until you narrow it down to one file.

    If it's in a folder structure, like the 'update' one that leads to 'dlcpacks' for example, use a similar process of elimination to diagnose which '.rpf' archive within that folder structure causes the issue.

    • Once you figure out what '.rpf' the issue exists within, make a backup of it & then use the same process in OpenIV to revert files/folder structures within that archive back to vanilla until you figure out exactly which file caused it.
    • Lastly, revert the file using your previously created backup & then change/fix just the one file that caused the issue.

    That's pretty much the basics of it covered. Feel free to augment the process to suit your need.
    Given that you are moving files, rather than creating duplicates, it's dead easy to keep track of where everything is & no reason you should get confused/lost.
    It's rock solid safe, just don't delete anything.
    Worst case, & you lose track of where you are, or inadvertently move a group of files to the wrong folder etc, you just put everything back into the 'mods' folder & you are back where you started, with nothing lost apart from a bit of time. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th The issue seemed to have resolved itself, ill use that method if i come across an error like that again, thanks.

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