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Help a noob , Guys!!! , add-on Mods Crushes

  • Dear Friends ,

    I am quite new to GTA 5 and its mods. Recently I start playing it and start using mods (add-on). I follow all instruction from below youtube link

    and it works.

    But even if I installed heaplimit adjuster and game config. I still experienced crush ever installing some add-on car mods and vanilla works extended. following is what I had done to mods.

    1. heap limit adjuster
    2. Game config
    3. Change (direct X 11 to 10)
    4. Gameconfig (1.0.2245) for Limitless Vehicles V25.5

    but somehow , I still getting crushed time to time. No error message. It just closed.

    How should I proceed guys? I really enjoy playing GTA V and its mods. Please kindly advice me.

  • @Siway If your system crashes, and lord knows it will, what i suggest is that you always install one mod at a time. Play with it, make sure it is stable, and then and only then you can install a second mod.

    Gameconfigs are not created equal, you may need to try one or two before you get the right one.

    But, again, uninstall your mods (just rename them if you prefer temporarily.
    Now does your game run properly without any mods? If yes, install your first mod and make sure you can get at least 1 hour of play before you have a crash.

    If the game crashes without mods, then see if your system meets requirements and ensure your video drivers are up to date. This is an old game and should run well with older systems.

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