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Is it possible to modify dial script textures?

  • I'm not talking about the dials themselves, but rather the script. Is it possible to modify them somehow?

    Like for example, I have an add-on car that uses a yellow needle, but I want it to be blue instead. Or to use a custom-shaped one (like how old muscle cars have more arrow-looking needles).

    Or like how I have an S2000 mod, and it uses the truck dashboard, so it's got that digital tachometer. However, it'd make more sense for it to be all orange with a redline instead of green, yellow, and red. Plus the digital speedometer color/font.

  • @mrwallace888
    To change the 'script_rt_dials_race' etc colours anyway, have a look at this post :thumbsup:

    What you can do with it will totally depend on how the mod author has set it up.
    They may well have different parts sharing the same 'matDiffuseColor' section in the '.yft/.yft.xml', in which case, both can only be set to the same colour etc.
    Likely, you'll have to make some compromises, but it'll get you some of the way to what you want :thumbsup:

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