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How to name custom plates?

  • I've named them in Carcols, but is there a way to give them an in-game name? Unless they already have one. Like for example the carcols.ymt shows "Yellow Plate", which is the plate with a black background and yellow text, but in-game it's referred to as "Yellow on Black".

    I just noticed because ENT refers to my plates as add-on plates without actual names. Do they need a name? Is there some kind of gxt2 file or something?

  • @mrwallace888 said in How to name custom plates?:

    Is there some kind of gxt2 file or something?

    Yeah, you can find 'CMOD_PLA_4 = Yellow on Black' (for example), in these '.gxt2' files:




    CMOD_PLA_1 = Blue on White 2
    CMOD_PLA_2 = Blue on White 3
    CMOD_PLA_3 = Yellow on Blue
    CMOD_PLA_4 = Yellow on Black

    Presumably, there's others hanging about in other '.gxt2' files as well.
    Never messed with them, so that's about all I know.

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