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need help with carvariations

  • Hello I need help, I downloaded a car and I changed name on the model files so it replaced a different car but I need to fix carvariations in the zip file of that car that I downloaded the carvariations was a meta file, I copied everything that was for the original name to paste it in the gta carvariations for the car I chose but the problem is that the carvariations file that is for the car I chose is a ymt file and not a meta file and when I edit the ymt file it's not like the meta file, it's really weird and I can't fix the car's carvariation can someone please help me if I can maybe change it to a meta file instead of a ymt file?

  • @Haenol

    • Before doing anything, make a backup of 'update.rpf' :thumbsup:
    • Then in OpenIV navigate to:


    • Right-click the 'carvariations.ymt' file & select 'Export to META/XML (.xml)' & select a location in Windows to save/export the file to.
    • Open the newly exported 'carvariations.ymt.xml' file with Notepad++ etc & edit as normal & save.
    • Leaving the file extension untouched (leave as '.ymt.xml'), drag & drop it back into OpenIV & replace the original.

    That should do it :thumbsup:

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