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AutoloadMaps - Does it work?

  • I'm using Menyoo and I have AutoloadMaps folder in my scripts folder. Everything is in the right location, Menyoo works perfectly, I write scripts daily and they load/execute properly.

    I can't get a Menyoo map to autoload. I even tried installing the Map Editor addon and doing the same with its maps, nothing. Will not load. I also tried, just for the hell of it, a saved file from the Mods section which actually had instructions saying you could place it in AutoloadMaps - nothing loaded.

    If I load the maps (xml files) from Menyoo using the object spooner, load placements, no problem. They load as expected. Only autoload is broken.

    I'm using Steam. I have tried with game setting for AutoSave on and AutoSave off. Neither worked.
    By default I go directly into story mode - not the landing page.

    On a related note, can anyone explain to me how entities are saved (or not saved) in GTA 5. I'm currently in sandbox story mode, so my game starts exactly in the same location (i.e. I'm not saving it other than exactly in the same location).

    I spawned 4 addon cars from Menyoo Saved Vehicle XML files (all addon, not replacements) and saved my game.
    When I restarted only 2 of the 4 were there. The next time i restarted, only 1 car was there. What's the logic?

  • @WGotch07 Ok thanks. I had seen a solved post on that topic here but can't find it.

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